Asic Custody Agreement

As a secondary service provider, you may be exempt from the obligation to grant an FSG under Reg 7.7.02 (7) of corporations Regulations 2001 if you enter into a written agreement with the intermediary under which the intermediary agrees to transfer your FSG to the private client or to inform private customers of how you receive your FSG. (i) in the case of the sub-custodian, the terms of the agreement; and (1) The holder of a financial service licence to hold a sub-custodian must ensure that he or she has a written agreement with the sub-custodian; which meets the provisions of subsections 2 to 4, except: (iii) an act or sub-guard of the sub-guard or another person that was or was done directly or indirectly by the sub-custodian for the protection of the property, and (ii) to limit the right to compensation that the taker may have for financial services under the agreement, including the recovery of expenses covered in the point (i), where the custodian is the victim of a breach; (i) as part of a written agreement; which meets the requirements of subsections 2 to 4 (including paragraphs and paragraphs (ii) as if that other person were under-convicted and that the sub-custodian of the licensees was for financial services, except to the extent that the sub-conservative wrote to the sub-conservative for financial services to explain why he reasonably considers that it is not feasible to hire a person willing to include such matters; or a licensee in financial services; When a contract for a custodian or child care service of a person as a private client is entered into or varies on or after November 1, 2015, it must have a written agreement with the person containing provisions: similar relief applies to licensed custodians, the IDPS operator and MDA operators in accordance with ASIC 13/410, 13/763 and 04/94 class orders. For example, the new conservatory custody requirements are beginning: there are a number of new warranty requirements. For example, there are new requirements for: (i) that in the event of termination, subject to a pledge in accordance with the client`s agreement or written instructions, assets must be transferred to the client or otherwise transferred, as the client legally directs within a reasonable time; and (c) to the extent that the taker is liable to the customer when a loss occurs as a result of a failure of the licensee or a person he takes directly or indirectly with the property of the protected property, to which the private client has an economic interest; to comply with obligations arising from the agreement or other agreements relating to the ownership of the conservatory, or to comply with appropriate standards, generally applicable by child care or child care providers, to the preservation of property subject to a provision subject to the licensee to limit liability because of the omission of a person whom he has engaged directly or indirectly, when that person is insolvent and the taker has failed to adequately ensure that that person was reckless; and (3) The licensee for financial services must ensure that the agreement with the sub-custodian contains appropriate liability provisions and does not contain provisions that exclude the sub-conservative`s liability in the event of direct losses he would have in the event of non-inclusion of the exclusion, except in specific cases that the underwriter deems appropriate for financial services and, where appropriate, contains appropriate compensation provisions for losses incurred by the licensee for financial services or his clients or clients as a result of the acts and omissions of the custodian relating to that agreement.