Blast Agreement

Access and use of the services available on the website are subject to the terms of this Agreement. If you wish to access and use publicly available parts of the Service and Site, you can only do so in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. If you have placed an order (through the Site, email, phone or otherwise) with Mailblast (your “command”) to access some of the services requiring registration, Mailblast is ready to accept your order and grant you access and use of these Services only if you comply with the terms of this Agreement. After You have confirmed your order by Mailblast, the rights granted to you under this Agreement will give you access to the Services through accounts (one “account” each). You will receive a user ID and a valid password for each account you purchased (such user ID and a password, an “account ID”). Each account identifier is personal in nature and can only be used by you or, if you are an organization, by certain employees of your organization or contractors who are contractually bound to comply with the terms of this Agreement (that person, if any, the “user” of the account). You are solely responsible for the total use of the Services by each User and for each User`s compliance with the conditions applicable to this Contract. You ensure the security and confidentiality of each account identifier and notify Mailblast immediately if an account identifier is lost, stolen or otherwise compromised. You acknowledge that you are fully responsible for any costs, expenses, debts or damages incurred by the use of each account ID (legally or illegally) and that all transactions ordered or concluded via an account or account ID are deemed legally completed by you. Mailblast will not be responsible for the above obligations or for your non-compliance with these obligations. You are solely responsible, at your own expense, for the purchase, installation and maintenance of all the hardware, software and other equipment necessary for you and each user to log in, access and use websites.

Please provide mailblast with the following information: 15.