Hsaa Cls Collective Agreement

If you are unsure of the agreement that covers your job, please contact us. All HSA members in the public health sector are covered by one of three main collective agreements: community social services and private sector employees are subject to three separate agreements: in its decision, the Works Council stated: “The AUPE`s request for a joint employer statement is rejected on the grounds that it has not established a valid purpose of the employment relationship which justifies that committee making use of its assessment to give the requested statement.” He added: “There is no evidence that the so-called joint control or management of CLS and AHS has undermined or risks undermining established bargaining rights.” The Alberta Labour Relations Council is against AUPE`s request to accept bargaining rights. Just over a year ago, the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE) filed an application with ALRB to have CLS and the Alberta Health Service (AHS) declare a common employer, so that all 1,600 CLS employees would become AHS employees. HSAA/NUPGE defended members` rights against Aupe Edmonton`s request (June 05, 2014) – members of the Alberta Health Sciences Association (HSAA/NUPGE), employed by Calgary Laboratory Services (CLS), remain in the union thanks to a June 2 Alberta Labour Relations Board (ALRB) decision. This would almost certainly have meant that the office and office members would have been transferred to the General Assistance Services Rate Unit and become members of the AUPE. This may also have led the laboratory assistants to move to the same AUPE bargaining unit. HSAA/NUPGE has used all the resources at its disposal to protect the interests of its members. Senior managers, the work advisor, the human resources researcher, the classification analyst and the labour relations officers all worked on the ALRB response. Special thanks are also extended to the management of the local department, chaired by President Audrey McIntyre. CLS employees have made it clear that they want to remain members of HSAA/NUPGE.