Ola User Agreement

is grossly offensive or threatening (ix) prevent other users (including drivers and our other customers) from using and using the app and services provided on a “as visible” and “available” basis, and we do not provide any assurance, guarantee or guarantee regarding (a) condition, performance, accuracy, completeness, market availability, reliability, punctuality, quality, suitability, availability or suitability for a particular purpose of service or application; (b) that the services or application are uninterrupted or error-free; c) the application`s compatibility with any other technology; or (d) the quality, fitness, safety or ability of drivers; (ii) the information, recommendations and services we provide (whether on or through the app or through our call centre) are only used for general information purposes and do not constitute advice; (iii) they recognize and accept that the application and services are merely an electronic platform to facilitate the aggregation of vehicles for the provision of travel, and that we do not in any way offer transport or logistics services or transport or logistics services; and (iv) We do not advise, advise or advise any of the drivers, guarantee or give us a guarantee or assurance regarding the behaviour, actions or data of drivers (or other users) published on the application, and you accept that all risk resulting from a trip remains exclusively your responsibility, to the widest possible extent permitted by the applicable legislation. “She/your” means you, the user of the app, services and booking services. Right; (ii) management by the New Zealand Institute (REINZ); (iii) conducted in accordance with New Zealand law; (iv) take place in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch, as we have indicated; and (v) executed by a single arbitrator agreed between the parties (or, if no agreement, the (v) has designated only the application, booking services and services for your single personal use, and not transfer, sell, sublicensing or test it to a third party. In the event that you use the booking services or services for another person/party, you are solely responsible for any violation of these conditions by that user.