Supplemental Agreement Meaning

… However, the agreement was reached by a complementary agreement (hereafter referred to as “first endorsement”) of 16 August 1956 between the petitioner and the… The main agreement in the agreement amended by the first endorsement was concluded in the exercise of the executive of the State of Kerala and all the rights and obligations conferred on it… The act preceding the first statutes of the Board of Directors is considered to be completed by or with the Board of Directors. The main agreement in the convention amended by the first endorsement… Unless otherwise in context is made, the terms defined in this section 1.03 have, for all purposes of this Agreement, a complementary agreement (as defined below) and, for each certificate, notice or document mentioned above. … new company, among other things, to obtain mining leasing for oil and crude oil production. The transport agreement was then amended by a February endorsement… 15, 1959.

The petitioner company was created in accordance with the promotion agreement as amended by the above endorsement. With an adoption agreement of March 14, 1959… The petitioner adopted the 1958 promotion agreement as amended by the aforementioned endorsement. The petitioner is headquartered in the state of Assam and is in the prospecting business… The respondents extended the completion date, while subjecting this extension to the implementation of a complementary agreement that would require the contractor to… the arbitrator was satisfied that the applicant`s application could not be swept under the various heads. report that the applicant did not have the right, under the supplementary agreement that was to be carried out to extend the initial period of completion of the work, to … 1991.

Similarly, there was no publication of directories for Bombay for 1988, 1989, 1990 and 1991. 6. An endorsement was reached on 26 September 1991… agreement with IPU. It should be noted that by that date, the deadline for the initial agreement of 14 March 1987 between the MTNL and the IPU had expired, again in the agreement… The additional agreement and all IPU/IDU commitments and the rights and privileges and powers provided for MTNL in the sub-verification and verification apply and are available to the parties and are related… March 31, 1992, another agreement (“endorsement”). Under the agreement, the original agreement was to be terminated as of September 30… Expiration of the endorsement.5.

According to the applicant, PFL could have the contract and clause 23 of the original agreement, under which pfl of its right to… Cancelling the contract is illegal and not entitled to nullity. With regard to the additional agreement of 31 March 1992, it is argued that this situation is also bad and unenforceable and that the initial agreement of 5…… agreement. It is considered that the arbitrator would not have been able to subpoena these claims, as they were contrary to the October 20, 1983 endorsement. 5.M. Tripurary ray… The applicant was forced to execute the endorsement in such a form as the respondent stated, otherwise the respondents would not declare the applicant`s spent invoices.