Use Of Platform Agreement

2.10 Changes. Parties can execute additional service commands. B to change the version of the OneSpace platform, add end-users and change usage restrictions. For these additional service orders, royalties are charged on the basis of the company`s current price sheet or on the basis negotiated between the parties. The subscriber recognizes that such changes may require a 14-day delay that the entity can implement. Any party can request written changes to the Services at any time during the lifetime. The parties assess and agree on factors that include at least the magnitude of the changes and additional benefits, reasonable rate increases, extensions of time, and the impact of additional costs and expenses on subscribers. If the parties agree on the minimum conditions mentioned above, the parties will agree in a written set of amendments (“amendment order”) and implement all of these changes. No modifiable service or service order is valid unless it is performed by each other by the authorized representatives of the parties. 5. The Customer and the User comply with all usage restrictions in the terms of use available 6.1 Each other. Each party assures and assures the other party that it has the full power and power to conclude this Agreement; (ii) the performance of this agreement and the performance of its obligations under this agreement is not contrary to other agreements that it is a contracting party; and (iii) this agreement constitutes a legal, valid and binding obligation when it is executed and delivered.

“account,” any account created by StashAway Malaysia for you and granted to you under an agreement; 7.3 Take risks. They recognize that the use of the platform carries certain risks of security, corruption, transmission errors and availability, and agree, as far as possible, to take charge of these risks in accordance with applicable laws. Without restricting the universality of the above, you recognize and accept the unique risks associated with the use of the platform, but which are not limited to the type of electronic transactions and electronic telecommunications platforms such as platform: 11.1.