Wheelchair Rental Agreement

Your credit/debit card is used as a guarantee of the full replacement value of the wheelchair or mobility scooter and the cost of catering or rent extension. The extension of the initially confirmed rental period must be notified at least 24 hours before the return date. All additional costs incurred by The London Wheelchair Rental Ltd. related to the collection or return of a wheelchair that are not included in the booking confirmation are to be charged to the tenant. (f) an administrative fee including assessment fees and all other costs and expenses related to damage, loss, repair or repair of the vehicle. You also pay us, to the appropriate authorities or an external collection company (“Collector”) of our choice for all parking, traffic and toll violations, fines for tolls, citations, other charges, fines, penalties, forfeiture, court costs, towing and storage costs, and other expenses that have been assessed on us or on the vehicle you did not pay to the debtors. You allow us to disclose your rental and loading card information of this rent to the collector. In addition to the sums due to the state authorities, you pay us or the collector a processing fee that cannot exceed 50 USD for unpaid damages processed by us or by the collector. By the electronic signature of this Agreement, RENTEE is explained by the above terms and ensures that the person who signed it above has the full power to enter into this agreement and/or sign it on behalf of a similar company or entity.

The mobility scooter/electric wheelchair equipment is cancelled on the date/time specified in the rental contract, so that the mobility scooter/electric wheelchair equipment can be recovered. If you need to extend your rent, you must call us before the expiry. 01883 818729. NANNY M`S leases to the person who rents this contract (better known as retirees) for (mobility scooter/electric wheelchair) under all the conditions of this rental agreement and which Renter accepts: Mobility scooter / electric wheelchair equipment is owned by NANNY M`S and is in good condition. The tenant will return the scooter or electric wheelchair equipment in the same condition as at reception, at the end of the rental period for inspection and recharging of the battery (if necessary) or earlier, at the request of NANNY M`S NANNY M`M`S SCOOTER. Scooter mobility/wheelchair electric equipment can regain possession without need at any time if used in violation of the terms of this agreement. The tenant can cancel this order at any time. The tenant is charged a cancellation fee of 25% of the rental by mobility scooter / electric wheelchair equipment, unless cancelled 48 hours before the delivery date. NANNY M`S is not responsible for the loss or deterioration of property left, lost, damaged, stolen, stored or transported on the scooter/electric wheelchair before or after return by retirees, its agents, agents or employees or any other person in the wheelchair/electric wheelchair.

THE NANNY M`S LOCATAIRE takes care of the risk of such a loss or damage and waives all claims. NANNY M`S for this reason and Renter undertakes to keep NANNY M`S unscathed and to defend and compensate nanny M`S against all claims that result from or result from these losses or damages. The tenant assumes any risk and responsibility in the event of loss, damage or injury, including death, of persons or property of tenants or other persons resulting from the use, operation or operation of the scooter/electric equipment in wheelchairs. The tenant is responsible for the scooter/electric wheelchair equipment and reimburses LAE M`S for all on-demand replacement costs for damage, loss, theft or destruction of mobility scooter/electric wheelchair equipment. The tenant understands and approves that LEE M`S receives repair or replacement costs for scooters/electric chairs.