Woodland Management Agreement

This manual applies to forest management agreements as of August 1, 2019. The Forest Management Plan grant is a capital grant for farmers and land managers to develop a forest management plan. Find out how it works, if you are justified and how you can apply. The grant is intended for financial assistance for the development of a forest management plan in accordance with the forest standards of the United Kingdom of Saxony and uses the PA3 capital position. Their plan must be at least 10 years. New national rules manual for agreements with a start date after January 1, 2021. This manual explains what you need to do to apply for a grant for the forest management plan, as well as all the additional requirements and processes you need to follow. Use How to Apply Online for a Woodland Management Plan Grant (PDF, 3.14MB, 47 pages) to help you apply online. publication of instructions, v2.0; and the removal of the WMP brochure.